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The modern Indian man is about distinctiveness, vigor and exceptional quality- terms that define the brand Minizmo.

Minizmo aims to provide affordable luxury to men with a mesmerising wardrobe experience with an option of Ready-to-wear and made to measure as well as full-fledged bespoke experiences that include consultations with stylists and design consultants.

Minizmo’s style philosophy intends to deliver impeccable quality in materials, design, fit and construction with a modern Indian aesthetic. Being an Indian brand, we symbolise our signature through minimal details and rich colours and patterns, complimented by well-defined pattern cutting and construction techniques. Minizmo believes that men have the capability to carry off different colours, patterns and prints with utmost confidence and also motivates them for the same.


A perfect life entails a perfect clothing line up for the power dresser in you. Minizmo empowers the alpha with style, sophistication and just the right amount of flair to bring exuberance to the daily life. Choose Minizmo.

Crafted with Love

In the present day, fit, silhouettes and cuts play a vital role in bringing out the look of a well stitched garment. At Minizmo, we have developed our Ready-To-Wear line based on in-depth research of the Indian male body types. For the perfect fit, we recommend our made to measure services which are available in-store or at a place of your convenience.

Made of Great

Minizmo offers a curated selection of finest fabrics available from across the globe. From 100% merino wool to Italian wool blends and tweeds. For our handcrafted shirts, we use superior Egyptian and Pima cottons —all this to come up with something exclusive and something that finds a voice in you. Our fabrics speak for themselves and include high thread count Australian Merino wool and other luxury Italian and Indian blends, selected from the finest mills. Our garments promise to give you the best quality, design and drape, both inside and out.

Uniquely Yours

Experience the charm of personalisation at our stores with a styling session with one of our expert stylists. Our team will help you pick out the perfect suits and shirts for you. Or if you choose to get a made to measure piece, we will help you find your right fit, select the perfect fabrics and customise the design of your choice-all with the aim to provide a unique experience of creating your clothing that you can proudly call your own.