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Celebrity Inspiration and Where to buy Affordable Alternatives Online

Celebrity Inspiration and Where to buy Affordable Alternatives Online


Yves Saint Laurent once rightly said that ‘Fashions fade but style, is eternal.’ The trends of today set by our beloved celebrities are something we always yearn for. But whilst the majority of us might not be able to afford the luxuries of their clothing, we’ve created the ultimate style guide to get you started....taking a closer look at each of their styles and making some notes.

-Justin Bieber


When he started off about eight years ago, a little over 15-year-old Justin has gone from a baby-faced teenager to a full-􀃘edged pop artist and style star. Let’s break it down for you: Bieber proves that band tees will always be cool, buy them here: www.urbanout􀃗 His distressed jeans go unforgiving-ly low but 􀃘ood his closet, head to Levi’s store for something similar, their digital platform: And pairing bright white sneakers with monochromatic look is classic Bieber. Shop a pair of Vans that will compliment your look while still being a Belieber. (

-Ryan Reynolds


From the chick 􀃘ick actor to the action stud, Ryan Reynolds has come a long way and so has his style. But one thing remains constant, the colour blue. Yes, the lonely adjective that describes his style. Whether his denims or the three-piece suit...he is rarely seen without it. He is often seen sporting a Dolce & Gabba three-piece suit, dark or light but blue, yes. Van Heusen has some great options. Check out their website. For bottoms, he prefers straight 􀃗t jeans, chinos. Affordable jeans can be bought from Levi’s, even he prefers the label sometimes over others. And chinos are available at a JacknJones and are dirt cheap.

-Ryan Gosling


Whether he’s taking the music industry by storm or causing a controversy, love him or loath him, you’ve got to admit that Kanye is very accustomed to making a statement. We can certainly take a bit of fashion inspiration from his unique, yet simplistic Kanye West wardrobe. Everything about him is pop and luxury. Timberland boots consistently appear in Kanye’s wardrobe. Zara has some really close substitutes ( ( Kanye likes to have a casual 􀃘air 􀃘owing through his appearance and hence keeps his shoe also loose-laced. You can pair these boots with loose 􀃗t jeans like he likes it and some best polo shirts in the market to immediately rock the Kanye look.

-Roger Federer


Always the best dressed man at Wimbledon, he’s one of our personal favourite style icons. He is all about details and bold colours. But who would have thought record breaking champion would be so particular about style while at the court—well, his attires are discussed a year before. He likes to be way ahead of schedule. We have seen him wearing black, white, very monochromatic sporty looks. While the Nike x RF collection is a little overpriced, a shorts and polo from the sportswear section is a decent option ( (