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Style Guide: Right Attire for your Best Friend’s Wedding

Style Guide: Right Attire for your Best Friend’s Wedding


The wedding season is upon us. I think we all will agree that weddings in India are no less than a festival. With so many affairs to attend, all that dancing and of course the mouth-watering food, weddings in India are ever so lavish and always over the top. Don’t we all wait for it year after year? Answer is a big fat YES! While we all love making merry, a major worry when it comes to the wedding season is deciding clothes. What to wear at your best friend’s wedding? And what not to?

The season of glitz and glamour demands you to look your best and bring out the best outts from your wardrobe. While women panic quite early in the day and sort their outt months-in-advance, men often leave everything to the very last minute. But haven’t you seen a wave of change? Gone are the days when men only had to choose between a basic kurta pyjama or a Tuxedo. Now more than ever, men are open to experimentation and are adding interesting elements to their garment to make a statement. Is your friend’s big day approaching soon? Then we think right now is a good time to put your outts together. The best man has to be above the ordinary. Here, we’ve listed regular choices, unique combinations and things to avoid.



Play it Safe: A classic kurta pyjama in black or a yellow kurta paired with white churidaar. A Kurta with a pyjama has always been a classic look when it comes to