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Home Remedies on How to Maintain your Suits

Home Remedies on How to Maintain your Suits


You spend a bomb on a new bespoke suit, look dapper in it, and then swing it by the dry cleaners. But, it doesn’t stop at that. If you don’t know how to clean a suit, we’ll show you the ropes to keep you and your suit lookin’ fresh.

You’re hard at work and at play. You’re running, hustling, attending meetings, making moves and looking ever so fresh, all in a suit. With it on, you’re sitting, walking, grinding and hustling all day long. And you’re not alone. Your suit is hard at work right there with you like your armor, keeps you shining. If the everyday hustle affects you, then so it affects the suit. You think about dropping it at the dry cleaner’s time and again for some thorough clean-up. But should you…?

A suit is a serious investment and an investment should be respected. Understand it and learn how to properly manage and take care of it. Let’s begin with a few simple and at home steps to do this.


The Basics

Don’t take it to the dry cleaners. Yes, you heard us. Your normal clothing care process is simple. Step one: Wear it. Step two: Wash it. Step three: Repeat. Dry cleaning your suits frequently can actually reduce their lifespan due to the chemical process involved. This process can wash off the colour of your jacket easily and leave it two tones lighter. Save the dry cleaning for stains or other major emergencies, and even then have them spot clean only the affected areas if possible. So steer clear and only clean your suit jacket when needed.


Steaming, not Ironing

Using a garment steamer on your suit is one of the best ways to not only free your suit of wrinkles but also deodorize it. Steaming is a more delicate method of rejuvenating the 􀃗bers of your suit that will help prolong its life. Though a steam iron can be a tad bit expensive but is a small cost to increase the life of a suit. Avoid steaming the chest area. This area doesn’t get wrinkled much and steaming it may alter the relative shape of the internal canvas. More importantly AVOID use of a regular iron to press your suits, as prolonged and direct contact of an iron on the suit at a high temperature setting may damage the fabric and cause a “shine”. If you must iron, use a press cloth as a barrier to protect the wool. This is the perfect wrinkle remover for your garment.



Here we tell you how to hang suit pants. So whenever you are doing that, leave some space between it and the other item. And don’t hang it with one of those 􀃘imsy metal hangers that will leave hanger divots in the shoulders. Invest in a proper wooden hanger with a wide-spread contoured shape to preserve the shape and drape of the suit. The hanger should be wide enough to touch the edge of the shoulders and wide enough to 􀃗ll up a portion of the shoulders.



A suit brush to brush your suit after every outing is the best way to ensure that it stays in top form. The fabric of a suit loses its integrity over time as dirt and unseen particles build up. A decent suit brush will help you prolong its life. A suit brush looks much like your hair brush, with a wooden or plastic body/handle and bristles made from either synthetic material or real animal hair. Start at the shoulders and work your way down.


While Traveling

A garment folding suit bag is your suit’s favorite companion when traveling. Use one that is not only easy to carry, but will adequately protect your suit. Use garment bags that are breathable and light to keep your suit cool during transit.



The very last thing you can do for your suit is give it a break. In the same way that your muscles need to rest after a serious workout, your suit needs time to recover after it’s been worn. Try to avoid wearing the same suit multiple days in a row to avoid deterioration. Rotate through your tailored wardrobe regularly so that each suit has ample time for a little rest and restoration.