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A Man’s guide to dressing for the fall

A Man’s guide to dressing for the fall


From chunky boots, to long sleeves to trendy scarfs to soft pullovers to fashionable hats to jackets to amazing weather, what’s not to love about the winter time? It’s possibly the most beautiful time of the year.

For fashion-heads, fall is always an opportunity to step up the styling game. The chill in the air allows one to experiment with layering without sweating to bits. Thicker textures and silhouettes play a more important role as they give depth to an otherwise 􀃘at/dull out􀃗t. In other words, we are really looking forward to fall fashion.


Solid/Muted Colours

This is a common notion that is attached with fashion for fall but it really makes sense. This is because solid, simple, muted colours complement this season. They resonate with what winter stands for—changing leaves, harvest vegetables and so forth. Honestly, this is not an absolute rule but winter looks tend to be heavy on solid earth tones, dark shades of colours like green and orange. Another reason to opt for such colours is because this season demands layering [we’ll explore the same in the following tip]. This means that the colours of the layers anyway creates a texture so one can stay away from the printed layers as it can get too busy for the look.


Get layered!

Cool weather demands sweaters, jackets, coats even. Plan your fall style keeping the layers in mind. Thicker layers on top over the lighter, breathable layers. This is actually very practical and even looks stylish. This is practical because you can regulate your body temperature by adding or subtracting layers. Revamp your wardrobe and add short/long-sleeved tshirts, breathable collared shirts [for workwear], sweaters of different thickness and both light and heavy jackets. No harm adding scarfs in interesting colours to make a statement.


Let’s boot up

Trade your lightweight sandals and canvas sneakers for sturdy boots. For both formal and casual occasions, brogues are a good choice. Oxfords can be worn too; it’s simple and unfussy design makes it for a subtle yet stylish shoe. Even sneakers are good for your weekend brunches but we’re putting our money on chunky work boots to get us through the cold. Remember to buy high-ankle socks that match your pants!


Choose the right coat/jacket

A coat/jacket is the 􀃗rst thing people notice about others, hence making it essential for you to choose the right one—the right colour, the right 􀃗t and the one that suits the temperature you are buying it for. Fret not, the options are lots! Colour can be either black, grey or you could go for navy or khaki even. Pea coats are stylish, overcoats are best for business, leather jackets good for night-outs and day brunches even. Parkas are good for casual wear.


Sweaters and Cardigans

Let’s start with the basic difference between both—a sweater is a general term for a knitted top while cardigans are sweaters with buttons or a zipper down the front. Pullovers don’t have buttons or closure in the front. Lightweight sweaters give you a more casual look, and can be layered with sports jackets or blazers for the coolest fall days. Have atleast one cardigan that you can just dive into when the temperature seriously dips down. Turtle necks also look great under suits.